Satya Bagus Dwiatmaja • 15 y.o. • DwiiUnknown#3704
I'm a Front-end Developer, i also like to make discord bots. Currently Developer at AzalelNation & MizuDevelopment.

My Projects

Azalel Nation

Azalel Nation is a indonesian 1.15.2 minecraft server. IP: play.azalelnation.com

Mizu Development

A Japanese themed development Discord server that focused to programming topic.

ZealcordDev Website

Just a simple website using Node.js + EJS, and Bootstrap 4.

Rin Shibuya Bot

Rin Shibuya is a high music quality bot with rich features, such as equalizer, audio control, playlist, and more!

Republic Indonesia Roleplay

FiveM Server.

My Website

This beautiful website.

Lord Husky Bot

Main Servant bot for NakkiKun's discord server, Wulvies.

Gooks Roleplay Indonesia

FiveM Server.

COVID-19 Indonesia Discord Webhook

Send COVID-19 ID update every day into your discord server.

Table Management PHP

Simple item listing and management using PHP.

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